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The Garden State Sticker - NJ wildflowers 3in sticker

The Garden State Sticker - NJ wildflowers 3in sticker

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One printed glossy 3in sticker "The Garden State"

This sticker is a print of the original collage "The Garden State" representing a map of the state of New Jersey made with pressed wildflowers grown in NJ! The original collage was exhibited at the art show "Botanical Princeton" in September 2023.

The flowers used in the original collage are all wildflowers grown in NJ, including bugleweed, buttercup, centaurea, clover, daisy, fern, ficaria, forget-me-not, ivy, Queen Anne’s lace, rock cress, violet, and wild strawberry.

The sticker is glossy and weather-proof. It is about 3 in long.

What a great present for someone born in NJ, someone moving to NJ, someone going to college in NJ, and so on!!!


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