Is your jewelry made with real flowers?

ABSOLUTELY!! Our jewelry is made with real flowers grown (mostly) in Flore's Princeton garden. The flowers are then pressed or dried and meticulously hand painted with resin. Every collage and piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Princeton, NJ, USA (some of the jewelry components are imported).

Why are my flowers changing color?

This is normal and nothing can be done about it without using chemicals or coloring. Two normal color changes happen: First, most flowers darken when they dry (for instance, bright red poppies become dark red and pink hydrangeas become purple). Second, most dried and pressed flowers lighten and turn into a brownish beige as they age. The colors of the flowers will change and fade over time, that is part of the charm!

For collages: Avoid putting the frame in sunlight to preserve the original colors longer.

For resin jewelry:
• Avoid perfumes, oils, or sprays
• Don't get your jewelry wet
• Wipe down the jewelry to remove oils and prevent tarnish
• Store jewelry in a cool, dry place

Can I order custom jewelry?

YES! I love making custom jewelry! You could order custom jewelry for a special event -for instance earrings for bridesmaids that will match the bride's bouquet, hair pins that match colors and shape of a special event outfit, or graduation earrings, necklace or hair pieces that match the school's colors. Contact me for pricing.

Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes. Contact us for pricing. We do wholesale on current products and custom wholesale.

Can I order a custom botanical art collage?

ABSOLUTELY YES! It would be my pleasure to make you a custom collage. You can let me know what dimension you want (square 8.5 x 8.5 in or 12 x 12 in or rectangular horizontal 11.5 x 8 in / 16 x 20 / 18 x 24 or rectangular vertical 8 x 11.5 in / 16 x 20 / 18 x 24); what shape for the collage (rectangular or round or heart or square); what main colors for the flowers; and whether you have any preference in terms of design (horizontal, vertical, large vs. small flowers, whole flowers vs. petals, etc.) and flowers (spring flowers; tropical floral vibe; fall foliage and flowers, Christmas holiday themed, etc.).  Contact me for pricing and brainstorming.

How do you press and dry your flowers?

We press flowers mostly the old-fashioned way, by gathering them when they are starting to bloom, putting them immediately in a homemade press with paper and carboard, and waiting a long time... I also press some flowers in the microwave using a Microfleur Press. If you want to experiment yourself with microwave flower pressing, use this link to order your own Microfleur and you will receive a 10% discount! For dried flowers, I dry many flowers the traditional way, by hanging them upside down from my studio's ceiling, but my favorite method is by far to use silica gel.  My favorite brand is by far WiseDry. If you use this link to order your own pack of WiseDry flower drying gel, you will receive a discount!

Can you teach me how to press and dry flowers?

Yes! I offer in-person workshops and online workshops where I teach the basics of flower pressing and drying, followed by an opportunity to make your own collages. I am also planning to offer virtual flower pressing and drying workshops -contact me if you are interested.

Can I buy individual pressed flowers?

We sell over 300 varieties of pressed flowers on Etsy. OR you can contact us directly for custom flower packs.

Are all your flowers and leaves organic?

Almost all my flowers and herbs are organically grown with tender loving care in my Garden State backyard without pesticides or chemicals. I use my own compost as well as local compost. I do not have pets (though there are so many rabbits and squirrels in the garden that they often seem like pets and not only pests!).  Sometimes I also sell flowers that I collect on my travels.

Are all your dried flowers edible?

NOOOOO!!! Though some of my dried flowers are considered edible by standard accepted knowledge, FloreOrganicBotanics is not selling any flowers as edible and is not assuming any responsibility for any allergy, illness or injurious effect that may result from consuming edible flowers and leaves. I do not have any certification or license to sell food. Consume flowers at your own risk.

Can you make custom flowers and leaves packages?

YES!!! I have binders full of pressed flowers and can make on-demand packages. I could send you specific flowers or specific color schemes. I can also send fresh greenery, such as magnolia leaves, euonymus foliage, and holly branches -I will cut them on demand. Contact me for custom packs.

Why is your shop open on-and-off?

The FloreOrganicBotanics shop is open on-and-off because I travel often for my day job and want to be able to ship your orders quickly after you purchase, so I close the shop temporarily when I know that I won't be here to ship within a few days of your purchase.