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Pansy Hair Forks

Pansy Hair Forks

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Pressed pansy flower on small gold hair fork

This hair pin is made of one real pansy flower organically grown in my Garden State garden, then pressed in my Princeton, NJ dried flower studio, and then embedded in resin. It is mounted on a small French hair fork. So beautiful in a twist or bun!!

It is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for yourself or for others!!! It would be beautiful as a bridesmaid gift with pansy colors matching the bridesmaid dresses. And, of course, perfect for your fancy hairdo on your wedding day!

Pansies, in the viola family, are a birth flower for February birthdays!

Each hair fork is different. You can choose between purple or yellow hues. Message me if you want a particular color of pansy or even a different flower altogether. I make them custom anyway.

The resin flower is very light-weight!!

Because each item is made by hand and from a genuine flower, it is not symmetrical and has imperfections. That is part of the charm of botanical resin jewelry!

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Care instructions to keep resin jewelry in top shape:
• Avoid perfumes, oils, or sprays
• Don't get your jewelry wet
• Wipe down the jewelry to remove oils and prevent tarnish
• Store jewelry in a cool, dry place
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