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Cosmos Necklace

Cosmos Necklace

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JewelryPressed cosmos pendant necklace on gold-plated chain

Cosmos are a birth flower for October birthdays! They also symbolize order, harmony, and purity.

This necklace is made from a real orange cosmos flower (Cosmos Sulphureus) grown in my Garden State garden, then pressed in my Princeton, NJ dried flower studio, and then embedded in high quality eco-resin. I added a faceted glass drop pendant. The cosmos pendant is set on a gold-plated brass chain. See pictures for approximate measurements. 

This necklace would make a great gift for an avid gardener, for someone with an October birthday, for lovers of the color orange, and for anyone who likes pretty, natural things!

The necklace comes in a kraft box wrapped with twine.

The resin flowers are very light-weight!! Because each item is made by hand and from a genuine leaf, it is not symmetrical and has imperfections. That is part of the charm of botanical resin jewelry!

The chain will eventually tarnish and lose its gold-plating -it will revert to its original brass state, which looks better (IMHO) with the natural flowers!

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Care instructions to keep resin jewelry in top shape:
• Avoid perfumes, oils, or sprays
• Don't get your jewelry wet
• Wipe down the jewelry to remove oils and prevent tarnish
• Store jewelry in a cool, dry place

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