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Poppy Earrings

Poppy Earrings

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Pressed poppy earrings on hypoallergenic gold-plated hoops

Poppies are a birth flower for August birthdays! They also symbolize peace and remembrance.

Crafted with love and care, these botanical earrings are made from real poppy flowers grown in my Garden State garden, then pressed in my Princeton, NJ dried flower studio, and then embedded in high quality eco-resin. See pictures for approximate measurements. 

The poppies dangle from gold-plated hoop earrings. You can also substitute clip-on earrings or leverbacks at no cost. 

This would make a great gift for an avid gardener, for someone with an August birthday, or for anyone who likes pretty, natural things!

Note that bright red poppies take on a dark red, almost burgundy color when dried.

The earrings come in a kraft box wrapped with twine.

The resin earrings are very light-weight!! Because each item is made by hand and from a genuine leaf, it is not symmetrical and has imperfections. That is part of the charm of botanical resin jewelry!

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Care instructions to keep resin jewelry in top shape:
• Avoid perfumes, oils, or sprays
• Don't get your jewelry wet
• Wipe down the jewelry to remove oils and prevent tarnish
• Store jewelry in a cool, dry place

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